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Dennis Dennis - Care Full Conflict

Dennis M. Dennis, PhD

Master Trainer:

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Debera Libkind - Care Full Conflict

Debera Libkind, PhD

Senior Associate
CDP Master Trainer

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Care Full Conflict Senior Affiliate - Russ Taylor

Russ Taylor, MSW

Senior Affiliate
CDP Certified Trainer

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Kevin Gecowets - Care Full Conflict

Kevin Gecowets, MSOB

Senior Associate
CDP Certified Trainer

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Charlie Laird - Care Full Conflict

Charlie Laird

Senior Affliate
CDP Certified Trainer

Care Full Conflict Advisors

Dentist Advisor
  • Donna L. Massoth, DDS, MSD, PhD | Seattle, WA

Client Feedback

Dr. Dennis has over 25 years experience developing health care professionals and the organizations in which they practice. Here are some comments from clients regarding services provided by Care Full Conflict.


I have personally experienced many tools and administered a variety of instruments. I really like the CDP. I feel it has such rich content and provides clear enough direction that users will find it very useful for both their personal and professional growth. I’m excited about using it with clients in the future.

Thank you so much for your time and effort and for the opportunity to be part of the CDP “family”.

- Linda Madsen, MSW, Coach and OD consultant

I just wanted to thank you and Dennis for coordinating our recent training session. The materials you brought to the seminar based on the work done at the Center for Conflict Dynamics were incredibly helpful to us. The fact that you sent and analyzed each participant’s survey prior to the session really personalized the training session and created very meaningful dialogue throughout the day. Thank you again.

- Frank A. Yanover, Senior Tax Counsel, General Electric Company

The Conflict Dynamic Profile has been a high light for students in my leadership and management course for the past five years. It has helped them understand themselves and develop leadership skills. I look forward to continuing our relationship with you and allowing other faculty or staff to participate.

- Suzanne Barsness, RN MSN CCRC, Assistant Professor, Buntain School of Nursing, Northwest University

I had the pleasure of attending the Conflict Dynamics Profile certification program facilitated by Dennis. His rich background in healthcare, psychology and human resources informs his work with leaders and teams, particularly in the area of conflict management. His facilitation style is engaging and authentic and I can recommend him highly.

- Kimberly McNally, MN, RN, President, McNally & Associates

I really appreciate having the program locally available. I like the venue and enjoyed the opportunity to connect with others. I think I have a good handle on the CDP how it works and the model that it uses. I think I can put it to use in a coaching environment right away. Dennis was great about sharing additional information and he has been very reliable in terms of follow through. Dennis facilitated good discussion among the participants. The day was definitely worth my time.

- A satisfied CDP Certification Workshop participant

The tools Dennis gave me will allow me to better manage day-to-day conflict with my peers, patients and administrators. I now think I can actually survive in my chosen profession.

- Donna P., RN

The work Debera Libkind and your group did helped to make a major difference in how the ICU has performed. Communication between physicians and nurses, as well as, patient care has improved significantly due to your involvement with the staff and supervisors in the ICU.

- Medical Center service line leader
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