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Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP)

This powerful assessment instrument helps managers and employees deal with conflict behaviors in the workplace.

  • Promote more effective workplace conflict resolution with an
    approach that is time-proven and psychometrically sound.
  • Improve awareness about what triggers conflict within
    you—and learn how you respond to conflict behaviorally.

The first step in any journey is to know where you are right now, and the Conflict Dynamics Profile® provides you with that knowledge. Prepare to move forward with confidence.

Qualifications for Certification

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Organizational experience in training, human resources, organizational development or conflict management
  • Previous involvement with assessment instruments


After completing the program, participants:

  • Gain an understanding of the Conflict Dynamics Profile® history, research, and key principles
  • Learn how to read and analyze data in the feedback report
  • Develop an ability to facilitate a feedback session using the Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Learn practical applications of the Conflict Dynamics Profile and how to assist others with developmental planning
  • Become eligible to purchase the Conflict Dynamics Profile

Special Features

Each participant has the opportunity to take the Conflict Dynamics Profile® and receive an individual feedback report. As part of the certification process, each participant receives:

  • Personal CDP 360 or CDP-I Report
  • Technical Manual
  • Interpretive Considerations
  • Administrative Guide
  • Three sample Feedback Reports
  • Development Guides: Managing Conflict Dynamics: A Practical Approach (CDP 360) and CDP Individual Development Guide
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Video – “How to Deliver Feedback”
  • CDP-I Team Profile and Instructions for CDP-I Team Report
  • An opportunity to participate in the community of CDP users

Although the Conflict Dynamics Profile® Feedback Report is user-friendly, the feedback can be very powerful for some individuals. Since the role of the facilitator is important to the value of the feedback, we require that the instrument be administered only by certified professionals.

Register for the Course

  • Register or Log in. If you are registering for the first time, you will be sent an email from [email protected] with your temporary password. Login using the temporary password.
  • Click the green button, “Take This Course”, and pay for the course using Paypal. The cost of the CDP Certification Course is $995.00 USD.
  • After Paypal has redirected you to the site, you are ready to take the course.
  • The lessons below will now be “live”. Click Introduction and Initial Preparation Lesson to begin.

Approximate Time Requirements

This online course allows for an individualized approach to learning. Thus, the time required to complete the course varies. The average completion time is eight hours. Additional requirements include:

  • An Individual CDP Assessment (30 minutes) or the CDP-360
    Assessment (30 minutes plus time to solicit raters and obtain their
  • A Summary Review Meeting with a Master Trainer via a live
    teleconference (90 minutes).





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