CDP Conflict Skills Assessment


Conflict Skills Assessment package includes:

  • Confidential online CDP-I assessment
  • Your CDP-I Report (pdf)
  • Development Guide (pdf)
  • Live 30-minute interpretation and feedback session via teleconference (recommended) or telephone

Information (required): Name and email address


The Power of Conflict.

Except for desert hermits, we experience conflict on a daily basis.

We see the world through our unique senses and process that information from our personal perspective. When two or more of us interact these differences become evident.

Conflict occurs in various forms and is described using words such as differences, tension, disagreement, argument, discord, opinion, difficulty, crucial, or viewpoints. But however it is experienced or identified, conflict exists in a great many daily interactions that involve important matters.

Whether, and how, we choose to deal with conflict is crucial to our satisfaction and success in both our personal and professional lives.